Maple Hill Sprinkling is dedicated to the most efficient use of water. Professional maintenance and proper scheduling of your irrigation system is essential to the wise use of our most precious natural resource. While most residential sprinkler systems can be activated in a half hour or less, our three decades of experience have taught us this is not adequate, as optimum irrigation efficiency is not achieved. Activation is a service but it includes no maintenance because, in time, systems deteriorate: water is wasted while turf quality decreases. The “set it and forget it” practices of the past are not acceptable in today’s resource-strapped world. A more thorough job is needed. Our customers are taught to be wiser water managers. Knowledge of the operation of your automatic controller is very important.


For a typical residential system, the spring startup takes at least one man hour, as each sprinkler head is checked for operation, adjustment, height, and location. Overgrown turf is trimmed from sprinkler heads that need it. The rain sensor is checked for proper operation and the controller battery is checked and replaced if necessary. An irrigation schedule is programmed into the automatic controller. This schedule is for a spring and cool-weather watering schedule. We will then instruct the homeowner, if available, on how to change their controller for a dryer and warmer weather schedule. Our service technicians also inform the homeowner of repairs or replacements that were necessary as well as advising them of improvements that may need to be considered to make the system more efficient. This could include moving or raising heads in mature landscaping, adding or eliminating heads, replacing obsolete heads, and more.


Between June 15 and August 10, we check the irrigation system for proper coverage. We reset the controller for a warmer and dryer weather schedule and trim the sod from around all the sprinkler heads. We also make changes and improvements to the system if the homeowner wishes to follow through with our recommendations. In addition to this, the irrigation schedule and basic controller operation is reviewed with the homeowner, if they are available.


Performed late September to early November, this service removes nearly all the water in the irrigation system by using a large air compressor. The backflow device is vented and the source water line drained. If applicable, lake pumps are drained and suction filters removed, capped, and stored for the winter. In Michigan, this service protects the lines against the possibility of severe winter freezing. Please call in late September for your appointment.