At Maple Hill Sprinkling, we are committed to ensuring that our customers have access to the resources they need to make smart choices about the health of their lawn. Aiming to serve our community and environment with honesty, integrity, and fair business practices, we believe that informed decisions result in healthy lawns and satisfied customers. Whether you’re curious about what maintenance services are necessary, how often your sprinkler system should be used, or any number of other topics, you can be confident that we can help. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page.

For city water, a 1.25” service is desirable over a .75” service. A well with a submersible pump should produce 12 to 18 gallons per minute at 50 pounds per square inch (50 psi) and, depending on depth, this usually requires a one horsepower pump.

Call after the house has been framed and you know the driveway, sidewalk, and the deck or patio layout. Often, it is a good idea to have the concrete contractor install a 3” PVC sleeve or conduit under your driveway for future irrigation, cable, or lighting needs.

Although we install systems from late March to late November, the best time to install an irrigation system in an established lawn is from mid March to late May and from mid October to late November. Minimum damage is incurred and the healing of the turf is more rapid when the soil contains a fair amount of moisture rather than when it is hard and dry.

In addition to starting your system in the spring and shutting it down in the fall, the sprinkler heads should be checked annually to ensure they are spraying and rotating properly. To ensure longer life and optimum operation, the turf should be periodically cut away from the heads. Managing your water application through controller scheduling is also of the utmost importance.

Access the “support” sections of the Rainbird or Hunter websites.

Generally, turf in West Michigan requires between .5” to 1.5” of water per week depending on weather, soil profile, and a host of other variables. For a thorough discussion please access the Michigan State University Turf Research Program.

The most important service you can learn is to gain an understanding of your automatic controller. Managing your irrigation schedule for optimum turf health and efficient water use requires regular automatic controller changes. Beyond water management, Maple Hill Sprinkling has all the materials you need to assist you in any repairs or changes you wish to achieve.

Typically not. The average home compressor does not produce the necessary cubic feet of air to adequately clear the lines of water.

Yes, but a lot depends on your ambition, know how, and available free time. An irrigation system typically requires 50 to 80 hours of work.